Travel With Me

Blogging for the first time is nerve wrecking, especially when you have no idea what to start with. With the start of my winter break and after traveling for 24 hours from Chicago to Jakarta, I thought about writing about traveling essentials. I know it is a cliche topic and most of you must have read numerous articles and blogs on this, but I believe that everyone is different in what their traveling needs are. Some are fine with just their passports and phones, while some like to carry a load of things in their carry on.

Traveling for 24 hours, and being on the flight for a straight 15 hours can piss you off. I mean, how much can you sleep? No offense to those who can actually sleep the whole way. Usually I would sleep for a couple of hours and spend the rest of my time watching movies and reading. When I travel, I make sure that I carry a book. I will pick one from the hundreds of book i buy because finally after a long and busy semester, I can start reading. For those who don’t really like reading, I have seen many who play games on their iPad, read comics, sketch and even write. There are so many things that can keep you busy, all you have to do is choose one that you like.

Next, to all the girls out there, carry your make up essentials! I always have my foundation, a moisturizer, lipstick and eyeliner handy. You don’t want to look worn out especially when you can get to talk to that cute guy sitting next to you! 😉 With my makeup, I make sure to carry a small towel, a toothbrush and toothpaste. You don’t want to start smelling either!


So below is a list of things that I like to carry:
1.I always wear a comfy pair of shoes, but I like to carry a chic pair of shoes to change from my sneakers.
2.A book is a must! I would die of boredom without it.
3.Makeup essentials
4.My sunnies! We all need one for that sunny and wonderful place we go to.
5.Lastly my passport! I mean without it you can’t really go anywhere

I hope you all will appreciate my blog! Please do leave any comments or suggestions that will help me.


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