The Classic Winter Look

The weather in West Lafayette is always unpredictable. It can go from -20’C one day to a 15’C another day. These past weeks, the cold has not been so brutal and one layer of clothing with a coat is just fine.
When I first experienced the cold, I really did not know how to dress for it. I would wear layers of clothes and once I was inside the classroom, I would die of heat! But then I learned how to layer in a way that looks good and yet doesn’t warm you up too much when you are inside.
My go to outfit is definitely denims and sweaters, and sometimes I would go for sweatshirts. I will also choose to complete my outfit with a coat and boots.
This look features a sweater from Rue 21. I love how the colors complement each other. I prefer this outfit as an everyday look because it is simple, stylish and comfy. And guess what?! It doesn’t take a lot of effort to put on a sweater and a pair of jeans and still look good.



Sweater: Rue 21
Coat: H&M
Jeans/Ankle Boots: Forever 21

This blog is kinda short. Haven’t had much time with exams coming up this week. I hope you all a great week!


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