Fashion & The Bohemian Culture

“The Boho Style” many said. It was the beginning of the spring/summer season and all I could see was bloggers talking and writing about the boho trend. At first I didn’t really know what it was all about. I found patterned clothing, loose tunics, layering and ethic jewelry to be basic and known clothing. But... Continue Reading →

Velvet Crush

This season has been all about the velvet trend. From dresses, pants, chokers and even heels, this trend has taken up by storm. This lush fabric brings in a certain amount of elegance and it certainly lifts up your wardrobe. Throughout time velvet has been associated to nobility. Its unusual softness and appearance has been... Continue Reading →

Wearing a Maxi Dress This Fall

Hello readers and Hello November! Who would have thought that it is November already and soon we will be welcoming the new year. Time flies and you don’t even realize it. I graduated with a Bachelors and didn’t even realize how the best fours years of my life just flew by, and now I step... Continue Reading →

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