Fashion & The Bohemian Culture


“The Boho Style” many said. It was the beginning of the spring/summer season and all I could see was bloggers talking and writing about the boho trend. At first I didn’t really know what it was all about. I found patterned clothing, loose tunics, layering and ethic jewelry to be basic and known clothing. But it was later that I understood that wearing a flower crown on your head, a loose tunic or even mixing various prints is in fact called the Boho Fashion.

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Wearing a Maxi Dress This Fall


Hello readers and Hello November!
Who would have thought that it is November already and soon we will be welcoming the new year. Time flies and you don’t even realize it. I graduated with a Bachelors and didn’t even realize how the best fours years of my life just flew by, and now I step into the next phase of my life . I am back home in Jakarta and since the weather here is always sunny and blazing hot, this blog post is my last one on fall weather wardrobe.

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