Velvet Crush


This season has been all about the velvet trend. From dresses, pants, chokers and even heels, this trend has taken up by storm. This lush fabric brings in a certain amount of elegance and it certainly lifts up your wardrobe.

Throughout time velvet has been associated to nobility. Its unusual softness and appearance has been marked as investment pieces by royals. No fabric looks as rich as velvet, which is probably why this trend is back today. In the past velvet was only seen as blazers or dresses, but this year the material has been used in shoes, tops, trousers and even jewelry.

My first ever velvet dress was probably when I was seven years old. It was a fit and flare dress with broad sleeves and it was dark maroon in color. I have loved this fabric ever since. It always made me feel special. And now, fast forwarding to 2016, this trend is back and it is more popular than ever.

I am wearing these velvet carrot trousers from Zara. They are super comfortable and look really good. I paired it with a t-shirt, a cardigan and sandals to give it a perfect out for brunch look!





T-shirt: New Look

Pants: Zara

Sandals: Old Navy

It is almost Friday! So hope you all have a great weekend!



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