Fashion & The Bohemian Culture


“The Boho Style” many said. It was the beginning of the spring/summer season and all I could see was bloggers talking and writing about the boho trend. At first I didn’t really know what it was all about. I found patterned clothing, loose tunics, layering and ethic jewelry to be basic and known clothing. But it was later that I understood that wearing a flower crown on your head, a loose tunic or even mixing various prints is in fact called the Boho Fashion.

When I found out more about this trend, I had not realized that the Bohemian style or the Boho Chic, as they now refer to it, has been an accepted fashion trend for the past 200 years. Did you know that the Bohemians first appeared in France after the French revolution? Interesting, isn’t it? Just like this, many of us don’t even realize how many of the best and in-style fashion trends of the past became what they are today. How our culture plays an important role in today’s trends and styles is something that I have always wondered about. For example, a Kaftan or Caftan has been worn by both men and women, and has been popular with the boho style. Well men may not wear it anymore, but women still do.





21st century boho style also involves all the same. We have tunic, loose trousers, flower headbands, feather earnings, and the most in-trend, off-shoulder tops paired with a printed pant/skirt. In this blog, I experimented with this style. I am wearing this geo print dress from Body and Soul. I paired it with a silver necklace, a sun hat and over the knee boots to give it a boho chic rocker look.

So what do you think about this style? How much do you think our past creates the Fashion we know today? Leave your comments below!! Have a great week readers!





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