Book Review: Milk and Honey


I loveee to read and sometimes when I pick up a book, I will not put it down till I am completely done with it. This time I decided to read a book completely different from the genres I usually pick. Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur is a collection of poetry and prose. I have never been interested in poetry and all the poetry I did was when I studied literature. One thing that I can say after reading this book is that it really touched my heart. This book that talks about abuse, love, pain, being a women and most importantly the step of healing.

When it comes to writing down what I feel and think, sometimes I cannot find the right words to express myself. This book is for those like me, who find it difficult to put down the words that you are trying to say. This book teaches you that it is okay to be in pain, that life has and will have bitter moments. But the most important thing is to find sweetness and be positive in those bitter moments.

To every girl out there, this book will definitely touch you to the heart. This poem is very personal and tender and this book is definitely a great read! Some of you may not like poetry while some of you may think this is a book just with random words since the poems don’t even rhyme, but to me this book will be one of the best books I have read. I would like to end this post with some of my favorite quotes from the book;

“if you are not enough for yourself
you will never be enough
for someone else”

“ accept yourself as you were designed”

“ we are all born so beautiful
the greatest tragedy is being convinced we are not”

Believe in yourself because no one is better than YOU. Believe in yourself because you are the best version of who you can be. And believe in yourself because you are perfect no matter who convinces you otherwise.

Have you read this book yet? What did you think about it? Leave your comments below!!


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      1. ah they are! you should read “Memories”. That’s one of my favorites 🙂 but I haven’t read Rupi Kaur’s work, I’m just wondering which one is the best haha


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