Doubling up on denim is something that you do not see often, but there are times when you spot a celebrity wearing a denim shirt with jeans and you wonder how they make it look so perfect without any effort. We are so used to pairing our jeans with plain t-shirts and blouses, that not many like to wear a denim top with jeans.

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Amchi Mumbai: The Gateway of India


Hello Readers! Today’s blog is about my little trip to Mumbai. The tile to my post says Amchi Mumbai, which means MY Mumbai in Marathi. Even though I was raised in Jakarta, I used to visit Mumbai every summer as a kid. If I was asked to compare Mumbai to any other city, I would I say that it is just like New York. You feel the electrifying vibe, the rush of people moving from one place to another, and you see the crowd which doesn’t seem to stop growing. Mumbaikars ( which is what we call ourselves) call it the city that never sleeps. I am serious, you would find street food joints open at 4 AM!

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Lace and Pink this Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day loves! In honor of Valentine’s day, I am sharing my outfit of the day inspiration. Whether you are spending the day with your girlfriends or having a candlelit dinner with a certain someone special, this day is a perfect reason for you to add a wow factor to what you choose to wear. I would definitely go for lace. The fabric is delicate and elegant. You can choose to wear it down or add an edge to it.

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Behind the scenes at Lakmé Fashion Week, Mumbai


Its been a week since the end of Lakmé Fashion week and here I am bringing you a post on my experience. Imagine yourselves surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people running from one end to another. You look at models running backstage to change. You see assistants ready with their next outfit. You see make-up artists trying to get as many models ready in a record time. You see handlers, supervisors and all the helpers making sure the show goes on without a hitch. This is when you realize that watching the models walk the runway displaying designs by various known designers is not what a fashion show is all about. We seem to forget everything that happens backstage and the number of people involved to make a show happen. I had the greatest opportunity of helping my friends backstage. I have never in my life seen a fashion show for that matter, and  never thought that I would get a glimpse of what actually happens behind the scenes.

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