Behind the scenes at Lakmé Fashion Week, Mumbai


Its been a week since the end of Lakmé Fashion week and here I am bringing you a post on my experience. Imagine yourselves surrounded by the hustle and bustle of people running from one end to another. You look at models running backstage to change. You see assistants ready with their next outfit. You see make-up artists trying to get as many models ready in a record time. You see handlers, supervisors and all the helpers making sure the show goes on without a hitch. This is when you realize that watching the models walk the runway displaying designs by various known designers is not what a fashion show is all about. We seem to forget everything that happens backstage and the number of people involved to make a show happen. I had the greatest opportunity of helping my friends backstage. I have never in my life seen a fashion show for that matter, and  never thought that I would get a glimpse of what actually happens behind the scenes.


The show was to start at 7pm, but we had to reach a couple of hours earlier. The first thing we had to do was get all the saris and blouses, and the other attires steamed/ironed. All the attire had to to placed based on the sequence of the show. Shoes, jewelry and other accessories had to paired with the clothes. Each model had an assistant that helped them, but yet the main stylists had to make sure the outfit was assembled correctly. The sarees had to be pre-draped. The jewelry set aside. Everything had to be right and perfect. Sounds scary doesn’t it? Trust me I was nervous before it all started.

The pressure in the green room was high and everyone was ready to take on their tasks. Once the models were back after their rehearsals, we had very less time to dress them up and have them running off the green room. It was fast, there was no time to hold back and no time to think twice. Within 15 mins, 48 models were dressed and sent on the stage. I mean can you imagine? 15 mins!! I had not expected that.




Day 2 of LFW was dedicated in bringing out the importance of celebrating and sustaining the crafts and fabrics of native India. For the first time ever the artisans of Kutch  showcased their designs at Lakmé Fashion Week. Kutch is a district of the state of Gujrat and its vibrant and colorful culture was shown at Mumbai’s biggest fashion week. The artisans that showcased their work were Somaiya Kala Vidya, Chaman Siju, Sufiyan with Madame Hall, and Shrujan. Traditional weaving, Bandhani, Ajrakh prints and embroidered saris had hit the runway displaying pieces that reflected the culture of India. The designs reflected a crossover between east and west, the meeting of embroidered fabrics with modern silhouettes.



Designers and Stylists: Manisha Melwani and Juhi Melwani
Check out their Instagram accounts and see more of their amazing work!

Have a lovely week you all!


Disclaimer: In Her Shoes Stories does not own the images above. All pictures depicting the show belong to their rightful owners. The images were taken from Google Images.

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