Amchi Mumbai: The Gateway of India


Hello Readers! Today’s blog is about my little trip to Mumbai. The tile to my post says Amchi Mumbai, which means MY Mumbai in Marathi. Even though I was raised in Jakarta, I used to visit Mumbai every summer as a kid. If I was asked to compare Mumbai to any other city, I would I say that it is just like New York. You feel the electrifying vibe, the rush of people moving from one place to another, and you see the crowd which doesn’t seem to stop growing. Mumbaikars ( which is what we call ourselves) call it the city that never sleeps. I am serious, you would find street food joints open at 4 AM!

So the main tourist destination is the Gateway of India. Built in the 20th century, it overlooks the Arabian sea. It was built to commemorate the arrival of King George V and Queen Mary when they visited India in 1911. The monument holds great amount of importance. It is a reminder of the British rule of India and also a symbol of power of the British Empire.

I realized that it has been years that I actually came this close to seeing the monument. It was a day well spent reminiscing childhood memories with my cousin. And I obviously forced him to be my photographer for the day!






If you ever visit Mumbai, this is a must see attraction and it is free! You can hang around, learn the history, eat the best street food, take loads of photographs and even get a view of the city by taking a boat on the sea!

Have you even been to India? If so which cities? Share your travel experiences with me! Have a great week ahead!








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