Doubling up on denim is something that you do not see often, but there are times when you spot a celebrity wearing a denim shirt with jeans and you wonder how they make it look so perfect without any effort. We are so used to pairing our jeans with plain t-shirts and blouses, that not many like to wear a denim top with jeans.

I believe there is no such thing as too much denim! It started with jeans and now you have denim ranging from overalls to even over-the-knee denim boots (not kidding, I swear!). My denim on denim look is super simple and chic. I paired my denim skirt with a top and a large denim jacket (which I took from my brother’s closet btw, LOL!).

The key to wearing denim on denim is to keep the outfit simple. I chose to keep the shades of blue different, with the skirt darker than the jacket. Wearing contrasting denim washes helps to create a break between the overall denim-ness of the outfit. The top also helps to enhance the effect and makes the outfit look effortless.





How you do like to style your denim? Share your ideas in the comments below! Have a great weekend you all!


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