Embroidery & Phulkari


Embroidery has made a big comeback this season. And since it is spring, we will be seeing more of it. You got it on tops, pants, and even bags. In the Indian culture, embroidery dates way back in time. The Indian culture has always been full or vibrant colors and I take pride in that. This blog post features a famous form of embroidery from Punjab. The traditional embroidery of Punjab is known as Phulkari, which literally means growing of flowers. The motifs and patterns contains floral designs and can be seen in most traditional attires.

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The Dress Over Pants Trend


Have you ever worn pants under your dress? Stockings yes, leggings maybe, but pants? I highly doubt it. We have always considered them to be mutually exclusive pieces. You either choose to wear a top with pants or just a dress, but never together. To many of you, this dress with pants trend may seem fairly new but to me this is not a new trend. Well you may think why, because clearly you don’t see people wearing dresses with pants. The reason is, being an Indian, I have grown up wearing Salwar Kameez. Which is literally a long kurta (which is like a maxi dress) paired with pants. So when I first saw this trend displayed in New York Fashion Week, I thought it was amazing!

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Inspiration: Spring & Tie-Dye


Hello Readers!

We are half way through the week and soon it will be the weekend! It’s funny how I always wait for Friday so I get a chance to just sleep in. Since it’s Wednesday, Happy Hump-day you all! When I am working on what to post under the category of Fashion, I try to work out a different outfit, something that is unique and something that you as my readers would find interesting. Even though I keep track of what’s going on in the fashion industry, what’s in and what’s out, and all the new trends, I like to try something new once in awhile. So when I saw this tie-dye dress that combined both the western and eastern culture, I had to get it!

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50 Things That Make Me Happy


Hey all! This time I chose to write about something different. I chose to write about ME. I came across a blog post by a fellow blogger who wrote about the 50 things that made her happy. I found that to be very inspiring and so decided to make a list of my own. I know that life has a way of doing things and things may not go according to your plan. I know how disappointing it can get when something you wish so hard for does not end up happening and your hopes come crashing down. But there is one thing that my father always said to me, he said to always move forward and be positive. Because things happen when they are meant to be and at the right time, and till then be happy and live in the moment.

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Holi: The festival of Colors


Hello Readers! Wishing you all a very HAPPY HOLI! Holi is one of my favorite festivals and I am glad I got to celebrate it this year! Holi is known as the festival of colors. It signifies the victory of good over evil. Many people, excluding Hindus have started to celebrate this festival all around the world. This festival of colors knows no bounds or boundaries, it is a festival depicting love and joy.

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Stripes oh Stripes


We are always inspired by things around us. Zebra, pedestrian crossing and even bar codes are stripes! The classic black and white combination that never fails to make you look good. Stripes had been worn for many years and it is definitely are trend that would never go out of style. When it comes to stripes we have seen it all. Horizontal, vertical, the navy and white combo, and even the black and white combo. We have seen thick patterns and even thins, and not to forget the colorful stripes that make a statement. No matter day or night, you could dress it up or down.

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Palazzos Please!


Hello Readers! I apologize for not posting last week. I just started working as a research analyst and my life’s focus has turned into numbers (you know Excel sheet, data and all) literary. I have been trying to organize and plan my posts, and finally I am able to get back on track!

Today’s post is all about palazzo pants. Well I call them that, but it does have other names like bell bottoms, flared leg pants and culottes. They all are similar in type but do vary in styles. Skinny jeans have become a thing of the past, since all you see right now is all the different kinds of pants. We got pants with ruffles, stripes, embroideries, and not to forget velvet! I love this trend because I find it more comfortable to wear a pair of culottes than my skinny jeans. Since I live in a country that is blazing hot and humid 365 days a year, I like to choose something that is light to wear and comfortable.

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