Stripes oh Stripes


We are always inspired by things around us. Zebra, pedestrian crossing and even bar codes are stripes! The classic black and white combination that never fails to make you look good. Stripes had been worn for many years and it is definitely are trend that would never go out of style. When it comes to stripes we have seen it all. Horizontal, vertical, the navy and white combo, and even the black and white combo. We have seen thick patterns and even thins, and not to forget the colorful stripes that make a statement. No matter day or night, you could dress it up or down.





Even though it started only as tops, today we see this pattern even on shoes and bags. I learned that even though stripes flatters and makes an excellent statement, there are certain rules to follow;

  • If you want to look taller, you should opt for vertical stripes.
  • Thin stripes are more stylish compared to the thicker ones.
  • When choosing stripes with colorful combination, chose bright colors for a day look.
  • If you choose to wear stripes at night, try to chose a cooler tone to not make it look loud and gaudy.

This simple stripes dress is from H&M. I paired it with my pom-pom flats and a clutch to create a very simple look. This dress has become my go to dress. I wear it to work, out to do errands and, even when I have to go out for lunch. Stripes is so versatile, that you can choose to dress it up with fancy and blod pieces of jewelry, or dress down with a pair of sneakers and a satchel bag. It is definitely a must have piece, no matter if you choose it to be shirts, pants or dresses! And it is never going out of trend.

It’s finally the weekend! Have a lovely weekend you all!



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