50 Things That Make Me Happy


Hey all! This time I chose to write about something different. I chose to write about ME. I came across a blog post by a fellow blogger who wrote about the 50 things that made her happy. I found that to be very inspiring and so decided to make a list of my own. I know that life has a way of doing things and things may not go according to your plan. I know how disappointing it can get when something you wish so hard for does not end up happening and your hopes come crashing down. But there is one thing that my father always said to me, he said to always move forward and be positive. Because things happen when they are meant to be and at the right time, and till then be happy and live in the moment.

So here is the list of things that make me happy;

  1. My parents and my little brother, because they are my world
  2. My boyfriend Rey, who is always there to support me and be with me in every step of the way
  3. Spending time with my little brother and annoying the hell out of him! LOL
  4. Mom’s home cooked food
  5. Coffee (because caffeine is life!)
  6. Avocado (I can have avocado and toast literally everyday!)
  7. oh! and Mangoes, just love them
  8. Romance novels, I am a hopeless romantic
  9. Books in general (I could read all day)
  10. Going to a bookstore or the library to just walk around and look at what’s new
  11. Action movies, I can watch them back to back
  12. Little stationary things like pretty notebooks or calendars
  13. Balloons!
  14. Writing (That’s why I became a blogger)
  15. Shoes (Anytime over clothes or bags
  16. The color pinkIMG_2219
  17. Motivational/Inspirational quotes
  18. Photography
  19. Meeting my best friends for brunch
  20. Late night movies
  21. Beer & Pizza
  22. Dancing till 4 A.M
  23. Listening to music in the shower
  24. Re-watching old movies, no matter how bad they were
  25. Catching up with old friends on Skype or FaceTime
  26. Shopping
  27. Getting up early enough to get to watch the sun rise
  28. Sleeping in and being lazy
  29. Watching Netflix
  30. Going to a museum and spending the whole day wandering around
  31. Visiting new places
  32. Food
  33. And trying out new cuisines too
  34. Not to forget, street side food (it is the best!)
  35. Ice cream, especially Häagen-Dazs’ Belgian Chocolate Ice cream
  36. Chocolates and Candies
  37. Flowers
  38. The smell of cake baking
  39. Gifts! ( I am not gonna say no or not accept it)
  40. Sketching
  41. Sometimes painting on a canvas too
  42. Spending a day alone and doing things that I likeIMG_2179
  43. A trip to the salon (have to get those nails done once in a while)
  44. Experimenting new trends for my blog
  45. When I successfully make a meal (which happens very rarely)
  46. Making random and lame jokes that make people smile
  47. Doing something for someone else without hoping to get anything back in return (because helping someone makes me smile)
  48. Looking at old photographs
  49. Milk and Cookies
  50. And finally writing this blog post 🙂

There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy. Even the smallest things in life gives you happiness. So cherish it and don’t let go!


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