The Dress Over Pants Trend


Have you ever worn pants under your dress? Stockings yes, leggings maybe, but pants? I highly doubt it. We have always considered them to be mutually exclusive pieces. You either choose to wear a top with pants or just a dress, but never together. To many of you, this dress with pants trend may seem fairly new but to me this is not a new trend. Well you may think why, because clearly you don’t see people wearing dresses with pants. The reason is, being an Indian, I have grown up wearing Salwar Kameez. Which is literally a long kurta (which is like a maxi dress) paired with pants. So when I first saw this trend displayed in New York Fashion Week, I thought it was amazing!

This look is perfect for those days when it is nice outside and you want to wear a dress, but it is still too cold to wear it without pants. Like early spring weather! Pairing a dress with pants needs to be done properly, because if not it could probably look awkward. You can pair knee length loose dresses over streamline pants or asymmetrical length dresses or long tops with flared pants.

Well I chose the second option. When I got this top, I was not sure of how to pair it. I tried various options but when I paired it with my palazzo pants, I loved how it looked. I chose a bright magenta pant in contrast to my black top to create a pop of color. This top is so pretty with a longer back and a shorter front. To top it off, the sleeves create an oomph! factor I needed for my outfit. I paired it with dangling earrings, a watch, wedges and an embroidered clutch.

I am a big fan of wearing long tops with pants. Lately that is how I have been dressing. It is such a simple look to create and so effortless. This particular look is flirty and yet so chic. Have a look at the pictures below!





Would you try this trend? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below! Have a wonderful weekend loves!



2 thoughts on “The Dress Over Pants Trend

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  1. I love how beautifully you combined the colors and the pattern of the gorgeous dress babes!!! And definitely its a style so perfect for the current season!!! Keep rocking ❤


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