Embroidery & Phulkari


Embroidery has made a big comeback this season. And since it is spring, we will be seeing more of it. You got it on tops, pants, and even bags. In the Indian culture, embroidery dates way back in time. The Indian culture has always been full or vibrant colors and I take pride in that. This blog post features a famous form of embroidery from Punjab. The traditional embroidery of Punjab is known as Phulkari, which literally means growing of flowers. The motifs and patterns contains floral designs and can be seen in most traditional attires.

When I found this Phulkari dupatta, I had to immediately get it. It had always been on my wish list! The embroidery on these dupattas are so beautiful that are daintily not to be missed. I love create Indo – Western outfits, and this outfit is just that. Since phulkari dupattas are full with embroidery, the idea it to go heavy on the dupatta while keeping you actual outfit simple and plain. I paired my dupatta with red capri pants and black asymmetrical crop top. The main focus of this outfit is to show the intricate details of the dupatta.





What do you guys think of this look? I think it would be perfect for diwali this year! 🙂 Hope you all have a great week!


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