10 Must Haves In Your Shoe Collection


Happy Thursday loves! We are getting closer to the weekend and it can’t get any better. Guys would always ask me why I have so many pairs of shoes? I understand they don’t need so many but we girls need various pairs to match our outfits! I have been a shoe fanatic since I was a kid. Bags and clothes are secondary when it comes to shopping. I am always looking for a new pair. I can’t only have a black pair of heels, I need black flats too and maybe a pair of black sneakers. Even though we may stick to the same colors, each shoe type is different and we NEED it!

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Fashion Nation’s Eleventh Edition Fashion Show


Hello Readers!
I am so sorry for not being able to post this blog post earlier. I got so busy at work and was not able to post it last week. But here I am back with a new post this week and it is all about my experience at Fashion Nation’s Eleventh Edition Fashion show.

Fashion Nation hosted their Eleventh Edition show showcasing prominent Indonesian designers. I had the chance to attend the showcase of Love Bonito and Calla Atelier. Few months back I had the opportunity to experience what happens in a fashion show when you are behind the scenes. This time I sat with the crowds anticipating what are these brands going to show. The experience was all together different since I have never attended a Fashion show before this. Yes it was small and maybe not so grand, but it was something.

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Mesh + Lace + Suede


Happy Tuesday Readers!

To those of you who celebrated Easter this weekend, wish you all a very Happy Easter! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend celebrating it with your family and friends. I don’t celebrate Easter, but I had a great weekend. My baby brother just graduated from High School and soon he will be off to university (well not so my ‘baby’ brother anymore LOL).  I also had a chance to attend a Fashion Show.  Fashion Nation Eleventh Edition hosted a show showcasing prominent Indonesian designers. I attended the showcase of Love Bonito and Calla Atelier. But more about this show and the designers will be on my next blog post! So do make sure to check that out on Thursday!

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Lang Leav’s Lullabies and, Love & Misadventure


I stopped reading poetry long time back, but recently after reading Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey, I was drawn back to the would of poems and prose. I used to study Literature and read poetry by poets like Robert Frost and Edgar Allan Poe. Their poems had deeper meanings that were hard to figure out. Poetry that I have started reading now are so much more straightforward yet carry so much depth.

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The Prints and The Princess


Happy Tuesday Loves!

“Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” This statement is certainly true. Why should we dress simple and boring, when we can try to experiment with bold colors and designs. This is what I did this time around. I found a midi skirt at a little boutique, with a very quirky printed design. If you take a closer look, it looks like the design has been painted on the skirt. I found this design so cute and yet so bold.

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Velvet & Vibrant Grey


Hello loves!

It is finally Thursday and it’s just one more day to the end of work week, so hang on tight and let us finish this week with a bang! And when Friday hits,  you can finally go out and party all night, or choose to stay in bed and binge watch your favorite shows. I will probably do the latter one because I have a couple of shows to catch up on and I am super excited! On another note, this week I have been much more productive and finally managed to create a perfect schedule. Planning blog posts, outfits and shoot times takes a toll on me, especially while I am working full time. I am finally being more organized and managing my time to getting back on track, so yay ME!

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OOTD: Mustard and Red Combo


Hello Readers!

Happy TUESDAY!! I finally watched Beauty and the Beast and I loved the movie. It took me back to my childhood days. I used to think prince and princesses were real, and that each of us will have a fairy tale! But hey, no one is stopping you to make your own fairy tale right? I know I know I am probably two weeks late but I have been so busy with my full time job and blogging that I have not been able to make time. So this Tuesday’s post is just an OOTD inspiration.

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