Fashion Nation’s Eleventh Edition Fashion Show


Hello Readers!
I am so sorry for not being able to post this blog post earlier. I got so busy at work and was not able to post it last week. But here I am back with a new post this week and it is all about my experience at Fashion Nation’s Eleventh Edition Fashion show.

Fashion Nation hosted their Eleventh Edition show showcasing prominent Indonesian designers. I had the chance to attend the showcase of Love Bonito and Calla Atelier. Few months back I had the opportunity to experience what happens in a fashion show when you are behind the scenes. This time I sat with the crowds anticipating what are these brands going to show. The experience was all together different since I have never attended a Fashion show before this. Yes it was small and maybe not so grand, but it was something.

Love, Bonito started in Indonesia in 2015. It originally opened in 2006 in Singapore. It started as a small business that turned into one of the best fashion stores in Singapore. They are not just a brand. They give a lot of importance to women empowerment and encouragement. They believe in creating a positive change and work towards that.



CÃLLA Atelier was created in 2015 by Olivia Lazuardy, a fashion blogger and Krishandi Hartanto, a fashion designer. The brand was created to in order to bring simple and effortless fashion to the women of Indonesia. Their designs are inspired from ‘Calla Lily’, a flower that symbolizes simplicity and elegance. And thus that is where the name of their brand comes from.

Both these brands work towards creating a change in the Fashion World in Indonesia. Their styles are simple yet elegant. Quality precedes everything and they work towards creating a great Fashion statement. Below are the links to their website and you can check them out!

CÄLLA Atelier :

Love, Bonito :

Do check them out and see what they have to offer! Have a great week you all and HAPPY TUESDAY! Thank you for stopping by.


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