10 Must Haves In Your Shoe Collection


Happy Thursday loves! We are getting closer to the weekend and it can’t get any better. Guys would always ask me why I have so many pairs of shoes? I understand they don’t need so many but we girls need various pairs to match our outfits! I have been a shoe fanatic since I was a kid. Bags and clothes are secondary when it comes to shopping. I am always looking for a new pair. I can’t only have a black pair of heels, I need black flats too and maybe a pair of black sneakers. Even though we may stick to the same colors, each shoe type is different and we NEED it!

Today’s blog post is all about shoes. My top 10 picks of the kinds of shoes one should have in their shoe collection. It differs from person to person, and definitely where you stay. I excluded boots from my list because I stay in a tropical country where it is too hot to wear one. Keep scrolling down and have a look at my picks!

The Quirky One

Quirky shoes are a must! They make any boring looking outfit fun. These slip-on are perfect to create a fun look. Plus, they are shiny, so the glitter game is definitely strong! These ones are inspired from Chiara Ferragni (similar here)


The Classy One

Black pumps are a must haves! They define elegance and match almost every outfit effortlessly. Wear them with your little black dress for a formal look, or pair them with your casual outfits for a semi-formal look. (similar here and here)


The Floral One

With spring here, you cannot miss all the floral patterns out there. Floral or any printed sandals are perfect this season. They add a wow factor to you whole outfit and are so easy to pair with.


The Bold One

Bold colors add that pop of color to your outfits. Bright pinks, yellows, greens and even oranges are perfect spring/summer colors. I love having a bold pair of shoes!


The Sporty One

Everyone owns at least one pair of sport shoes/sneakers. They are always the most comfortable pair of shoes. Pair your shoes with jeans and a t-shirt to create a causal look. Wear them with leggings and a t-shirt for a day-to-day look, and use them at the gym! These pair of nike’s are my favorite! (find similar pair here)


The Metallic One

Metallic shoes are very much in the season this year! High shine boots, sparkly sandals and gleaming loafers are such a big trend.  Metallic sandals add a hard edge to any outfit, making them perfect for your party outfits! (Find some great pairs here, here and here)


The Blue One

This blue and green toned sandals are a great addition to my collection. Sandals are perfect for spring and this pair is partly metallic and partly textured. The texture of this shoe cuts the severity of shininess by adding a rougher and gritty feel. They are the perfect statement shoes to pair with your outfits!


The Traditional One

I love my juttis! They are generally worn with traditional clothes, but today you see many people sporting them with western outfits, creating the perfect Indo-western look.


The Nude One

Besides owning a pair of black heels, owning a nude one is a must! A pair of nude flats or heels are a must have in your shoe collection because this style of shoe looks stylish and elegant, and pairs perfectly well with any outfit.


The Oxford One

These are my favorite pairs! I have never owned a pair of oxfords, but after buying them, I am completely in love! They are super comfortable, cute and chic. They pair well with dresses and casual outfits. They are so perfect for spring/summer and will add a fun factor to your outfit! (Find similar here)


By now, I bet you all would have realized how crazy I am about shoes. What is your must have or favorite pair in your collection? Have a great weekend you all and thank you for stopping by!


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