Gingham & Knots


Hello loves!

It’s Friday and I am back with a new blog post! I have seen lots of patterns come and go, and many are always there to stay. With each new season, these patterns or trends are updated and introduced again. This spring florals has been huge, like it has always been come every spring. But with florals, another trend that works as an alternative to florals is the Gingham trend. The check is a classic pattern such as the stripes or polka dots. I have been seeing many bloggers create amazing looks with this trend.

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Off-The-Shoulder Florals


Hello Readers,

Happy Tuesday! This month I will be posting various looks with the Spring/Floral theme. Florals are not going anywhere, and for the next few months we will probably be seeing a lot of them. These trends may be super Spring, but they are all perfect outfits for the summer as well. In my last spring blog, I featured a floral printed shorts. This blog post features a off-shoulder white dress with floral prints. The print is much simpler and not so bold. I loved this dress for the off-shoulder and ruffled style. The fall of the sleeves emphasizes on the feminine silhouette of the dress.

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My Skin Care Essentials


When it comes to skin care, I have always been particular to use certain kinds of creams and moisturizers. My skin is very sensitive, and if a product doesn’t suit me, I end up getting irritated. And to top it of, these products leave my skin super oily.
I was in search for a new moisturizer, when I came across Body Shop’s Vitamin E daily moisturizer. Before this, I used to use Neutrogena, but that always left my skin oily and soon, I stopped using it.

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Off Shoulder + Neck Scarfs


Happy Fri-YAY everyone!

It is finally Friday and we are all set to welcome the weekend. I don’t have much planned for the weekend yet. I think I am going to stick to being lazy, watching netflix and staying in bed. What are your plans this weekend?

Back to my today’s blog post, I will talking about accessorizing with neck scarfs. Off Shoulder dresses are easy to style. It can be dressed up or down, depending on where you are planning to go. I bought this dress from a boutique in New York only to find it on SheIn for half the price *face palm*  Since I bought it long time back and did not get a chance to style it, I am posting it on the blog today. I am in love with the sleeves of this dress! It is by itself the statement and Omph factor of this dress. These sleeves are everything, and it makes this dress stand out when compared to others.

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Flower Power


Hello Readers!
Floral trends continue this season with printed pants, dresses, skirts and so much more. All you see around are now various designs and patterns of flowers. When I think of floral designs and patterns, it is all about being fun with fashion. The joy of a warmer weather and embracing all the beautiful things nature has to offer.

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