Off-The-Shoulder Florals


Hello Readers,

Happy Tuesday! This month I will be posting various looks with the Spring/Floral theme. Florals are not going anywhere, and for the next few months we will probably be seeing a lot of them. These trends may be super Spring, but they are all perfect outfits for the summer as well. In my last spring blog, I featured a floral printed shorts. This blog post features a off-shoulder white dress with floral prints. The print is much simpler and not so bold. I loved this dress for the off-shoulder and ruffled style. The fall of the sleeves emphasizes on the feminine silhouette of the dress.

This dress is from Something Borrowed. Something borrowed is an online boutique on and have a great collection of summer dresses. This one caught my eye and I thought it was perfect. I don’t have many white dresses. Well I probably just have one, so this was a good steal!





I paired this dress with my favorite pom-pom earrings to create a fun look. I carried a red handbag and wore this dress with grey pumps. This is perfect for a day out and definitely the best choice when it is blazing hot outside.

So how are you rocking florals this season? Let me know in the comments below. Have a great week you all and thank you for visiting!


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