Pink Pastels and Getting Back to Blogging


Happy New Year!

Its been around seven months since I stopped blogging and since I started working full-time. It’s been crazy and I can’t believe how time has flown by that it is 2018 already!

Taking 7 months off blogging has been refreshing. I worked full-time and needed the time to adjust to my job, and plan how I wanted to take my blog forward. Maintaining a full-time job and a blog is difficult to be honest. And I bow down to those ladies who actually work full-time and maintain a blog. Yes it gets exhausting and yes, it gets even worse when you can’t come up with new content. It demotivates you and I felt the same. But now all that is in the past and I have planned on working on my blog because this is one platform when I can be creative and share my ideas. And more good news is that I will be moving to Sydney soon to pursue my Masters! I am so excited and can’t wait for this year to be better than the last.

So moving on to better things, today’s outfit inspiration is of pairing pastel colors. Yes it is probably freezing in some parts of the world while in some its blazing hot, like my days are full of summer and some rainy days (not so fun!).

Here I have styled a pink one shoulder satin top with a grey skirt. The pastel pink and grey are such a contrast to each other but go well so nicely. A flowy maxi skirt is one of the most comfortable staples in my closet. I chose a pink one shoulder top to create a more feminine look. I tucked the top in so that I can wear my skirt a little higher to define my waist. Being a short girl, it is always difficult to pull of anything long be it a maxi dress or a skirt, so I chose to pair it up with heels.






So here it to a new year and a new beginning. I wish you all an amazing year ahead! Look out for my new posts and I hope you enjoy reading them.


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