Mixing Prints & Patterns


Trying to combine more than one kind of pattern or prints can be very tricky. If done not right, it can make your whole outfit look just like a big mess. There is not right or a wrong way for mix and matching clothes, but it does need to be put look together.
Pairing your printed pants with a plain neutral top or wearing a neutral skirt under your printed blouse it all said and done. You outfit is perfect and nice, but what’s the fun in that?


I love it when people like to experiment with what they have, be it layering your clothes or mixing prints.
This time, I thought why not do a blog on how I created a simple look by pairing two different kinds of prints. The rules that I followed are as below:
1.To help bring the look together, I two different prints that shared a single color
2.Mix prints between tailored and flowly pieces or different textures. Which in this case i paired a boxy top with a pleated midi skirt.
3.Try to distribute your prints more evenly.
4.You can treat stripes as neutrals, which in this case I just did!



I chose a floral print top and a striped pleated midi skirt to create my outfit. I made sure that they had one common color, which in this case is white, which will help blend the top and bottom together. Paired it with simple black sandals and my favorite round bag to create a simple yet unique look. I find mixing and matching different patterns and colors help create outfits that are not so boring. I am happy how it turned out to be. What do you guys this? Would you try to mix and match prints the next time you go out?


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