Downtown Indy for the Weekend


Indianapolis or Indy, as many people call it, is the Capital City of the State of Indiana. Located in the Midwest, it sure does get super cold during the winters.
I took a short trip to the United States to meet my friends from back in University. As I write this blog post, I am still Jet Lagged and I am been up since 4 in the morning!

During my trip, I spent my first weekend in Indy and visited my roommate from college. I have gone to Indy once, and that was when I was working on my Bachelors at Purdue. It was a small conference and I hardly got any time to see the city. So this time I made it a point to at least wander around the city.

Indy is a small city and not a lot to see. It was freezing and there were hardly people walking along the streets. Even though many say it is much beautiful during the summer, I still liked the place. It had a very different vibe from the hustle and bustle of big cities. So here is a list of the places I visited!

Places to See:

  • Lucas Oil Stadium: This was the first place we went to. We took a tour of the stadium. This stadium is located in downtown Indianapolis. Besides serving as a football stadium, it also hosts various music events and shows. I was awed by the how beautiful and amazing the stadium was.
  • Indy Reads Books: I am a book lover and will not back out from visiting a book store. The bookstore is located in a historic building in downtown Indianapolis along the Indianapolis Cultural Trail. I was literally in book heaven!
  • Canal Walk: The Canal Walk is part of the Indiana Central Canal, which was dug in the early 1800s, in an effort to facilitate interstate commerce. Today, the refurbished Canal Walk serves the downtown community as a waterside promenade for walkers, runners, bikers and sightseers. You can also canoe on the canal during the summers. How amazing is that?
  • Soldiers and Sailors Monuments, also known as the Monument Circle: The monument is located on Monument Circle in the center of downtown and has come to symbolize the city of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana.
  • Shopping at Circle Center Mall: With over 125 shopping, dining and entertainment options, nowhere will you find more choices than at Circle Center. It is conveniently located in downtown Indianapolis. I went on a shopping spree!

Where to Eat:
– Yats
– Barbeaux Pizza
– Sub Zero Ice Cream

Night Life:
I spent Friday night at the bars on Broad Ripple with my friends from college. It was like a mini reunion. Twenty minutes north of downtown, this neighborhood offers a lively mix of bars and clubs. You will see lots of college students here and is perfect if you want a laid back vibe and sure did take me back to when I was back in college!

Even though Indy may not be the must visit place or destination for many travelers, it was still fun to explore a new place! Hope you enjoy this read and do leave your comments below.


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