Double Denim and My White Boots



Hello March! Hope you all had a great start to the month. I can’t believe how time flies and it is march already. It was my first week of my Masters Degree and things have started in full gear. I have assignments to work on and even a presentation to prepare for! Its been hectic with my schedule but at the same time it has been fun meeting new people in class.

Today’s post is yet another pending post that should have been done before. I created a look with double denim with the ‘X’ factor being the white boots! I know I am probably late about posting about the trendy white boots, but better late than never. I saw so many bloggers rocking white boots and ever since it became number one on my must have list!

Denim is a versatile piece and doubling up in one outfit can never go wrong. Here I have paired my jeans with a denim jacket. I kept it simple by wearing a t-shirt and pairing it with white boots. I tried to keep the jacket to be a little lighter than the jeans and I paired it with a pair of straight line jeans rather than going for the super skinny ones. I also like the patches of different tones on my jeans, it definitely adds a little ‘omph’ to my outfit.




Denim is so versatile that it can easily be dressed up or down and can be turned into a perfect for any occasion. Hope you all had an amazing weekend! Leave your thoughts on the comments section below.


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