Velvet Crush

This season has been all about the velvet trend. From dresses, pants, chokers and even heels, this trend has taken up by storm. This lush fabric brings in a certain amount of elegance and it certainly lifts up your wardrobe. Throughout time velvet has been associated to nobility. Its unusual softness and appearance has been... Continue Reading →

New York City

I went to New York City 8 years ago. It was at that time when I fell in love with the city. Everyone is familiar with the hustle and bustle of the city, everyone has heard the names: the Big Apple and the City that Never Sleeps, and everyone has seen King Kong climb the... Continue Reading →

In Her Shoes X Tobi

This blog features Tobi, an online fashion boutique based in Los Angeles. Their designs are greatly inspired by LA lifestyle trends. It was my first time ordering from Tobi and it was recommended by my friends. After looking through the whole website, searching for something that would be unique, I came across an off shoulder... Continue Reading →

Cold Shoulder Much?

Finally there I have it!  A blog post about off-the-shoulder tops. I couldn’t miss this summer's biggest trend, now could i? This summer exposing your shoulder is the stylish and elegant way to show some skin. The off-the-shoulder style dates back to mid 1800s. During this time, Charles Frederick Worth, a well known designer, dominated... Continue Reading →

Fringe Benefits

Fringe is back this season and it is much bigger. You have fringe jackets, boots with fringes, tops and accessories too. But this trend goes way back in time. The first being the fringed Charleston dress that became the evening look during the Fitzgerald era.  Everything about this era has always mesmerized me and everything... Continue Reading →

A Recap to Fourth of July

The weekend just passed and here I am wishing a very happy belated independence day to all of you! Living here for the past 4 years has taught me a lot about the American culture. This day many spend time with their families having a barbecue and watching the fireworks. I spent my holiday back... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Brights

When I think of summer, I like to picture all things bright. Staying in a place where winters are horrible, I would choose the hot and humid air at any point of time. You start ditching your sweatshirt and pants, and put on a dress or shorts. The days becomes longer and you start spending... Continue Reading →

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